Pro-Develop Course

This one-of-a-kind education opportunity contains

This home study course guides you through the seven stages of property development, from finding a development site, to selling the end properties and the stages imbetween. Carly Crutchfield and her development team of experts take into account where we are in the current economic climate.

What does the home study course include?

Carly has developed this simple program so you can study at your own pace, in your own time.

  • 11 DVD’s with about 15 hours of footage that takes you step-by-step through the main property development processes. DVD titles include, The Basics, Finding a Site, Site Analysis, Feasibility, Finance, Legal’s and Acquisitions, Negotiating, Planning Permission, Construction, Architecture, Tax Structure, Joint Ventures, Project Marketing, Risk and Options.
  • The DVD’s feature an array of different speakers and interviews including content from property developers, builders, architects, financiers, tax
    experts and project marketers who are all experts in their field
  • Developer’s Kit which will guide you through the course and help you apply the strategies
  • Developer’s Manual containing information such as scripts on how to talk to real estate agents, vendors and builders
  • PLUS 1 x ticket to attend any of Carly’s Live 3 Day Bootcamps which will show you how to tie everything together, so you can enter the property
    development world.
Pro Develop Course RRP: $6,490

A Message From Carly

Click on the video to the right to view Carly’s introduction to the Pro-Development Course.

“With the help of CCORP I have been able to become involved in an eco community development of 90 townhouses and community facilities which will make me and my partners $1,000,000 each in 28 months.” – R.H., NSW

“Wow 2010 – at 24 years of age what a massive year it has been! With creative finance strategies I am living proof it is possible – in less than 4 months I have secured $1.28 Mil worth of property (with NONE of my own money) in Adelaide, Melbourne & QLD – with guaranteed cashflow of nearly $35K in the next 2 year.”  – R.S., SA

Pro Develop Live 3 Day Bootcamp

Led by Carly Crutchfield and her team of property development experts, this bootcamp takes you through the steps of property development and brings together everything you have learnt from the home study course. Carly will also go through real scenarios and projects, so you can practically learn how to apply the strategies.

What to expect from Pro Develop Bootcamp:

  • Carly and her team of speakers including property developers, builders, architects, financiers, tax experts and project marketers will intensively educate you for 3 days.
  • There will be a recap of all the DVD content.
  • Live Question and Answer session so you can be confident you have understood the course.
  • Live exercises, games and exampled to cement all the knowledge previously learnt.
  • Further content and examples from Carly to advance your understanding if property development.
  • Developers Bootcamp Workbook containing all the slides and handouts through the day.

Bonus Support

As part of the Pro Develop course, CCORP offers you two types of support. Firstly our basic support, which is available to everyone who signs up. A customer service team member will guide you on how to study the course and be available to help with any questions you have.

The second type is our 12 months of Training, Support and Coaching, where you can contact our support team via email or the phone. They can make sure all the sites and potential deals you look at are sound and then give feedback and advice on what the next steps should be. This service is subject to availability.


Click on the video to the right to view previous students’ opinions of the Pro-Develop Course.

“I attended Carly’s development course last year.  Soon after attending this course I bought a house for land value and am presently getting plans for 8 units on both properties. I am doing a JV with designer/builder so I don’t have to find the money to build and I still come out with 5 units.” – K.H., Qld

“With the help of CCORP, I have become involved in several property development deals in the past 18 months. I thank the team every day for my success, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. The current deal I am working on will make $435k profit on this deal.”  – K.R., SA

“I purchased a property $150k under the median house price of the area, spent 40K in repairs, split the properties into two tenancies & the house is now positive geared by more than $100 per week.  The increased value jumped $188,000 in 6months.  I couldn’t do this by earning wages!!” – P.M., Vic

“With the help of CCORP we have become involved in a 8 Townhouse Development. From this we will receive 1 Townhouse absolutely at no cost. We would never have been able to do this before our association with Ccorp, Thanks Ccorp!”  – D.H., NSW

“By using Carly’s negotiation skills I have managed to acquire property $29,000.00 under market value.” – Y.E.B.

“I decided last year I wanted to pursue property and property development to a new level as eventually  my full time job. We sit now finalizing out first development which potentially profits 1.2m.”  – B.G., NSW

“Since completing the course I completed a small 3 unit development earlier in the year which returned 26% profit and a 6 unit development which returned 45% profit. I have another 3 projects planned heading into 2011.” – A.G., WA

“Carly’s DVD inspired me to succeed in property to allow my parents to travel the world. My home was negotiated for 20% below sales & purchase price of RM750,000. I closed it at RM600,000. It’s now worth RM1.2 million. I bought my parents home for 33% below sales & purchase price of RM600,000, closing the deal at RM400,000. It’s now worth RM850,000. I started my property investment company and bought my 3rd property at RM1.8 million. I’ll make a conservative profit of RM540,000 (or 30%) in 3 years.”  – D.T.

“Two main deals this year in Hunter Valley. A subdivision, sold off front house and building 2 * 3 bed townhouses on the back and a corner block development of 2 * 3 bedroom townhouses. Net profit on both deals approx $230,000.” – A.M.W., NSW

“I attended Carly’s development course last year.  Soon after attending this course I bought a house for land value and am presently getting plans for 8 units on both properties.”  – K.H.

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