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Drummond Cove, WA

Sam and her husband were looking for a development site and have done many, many feasos but nothing was stacking up. They decided to change tactic and focus on one area. They heard about the Oakajee Port project in Geraldton, WA. From this they decided to research the Drummond Cove area.

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Toowoomba Queensland

Block with a house, zoned medium density, DA approved for 4 x 3 bedroom townhouses. Project profit is approx. $490,000 including investor profit.

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Townsville, Queensland

Michelle had been wanting to buy an investment property but didn’t have a deposit or much savings. Her outlook changed when she met Yza Canja and her ability to get on the property ladder changed completely.

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Wattle Grove, Perth

Georgia has recently settled on an investment property in Wattle Grove Perth. She had recently experience a previous deal fall through at the last minute but used Yza Canja’s help to get another deal…with 100% finance from the bank so it was a no money down deal.

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Arncliffe, Sydney

Rachel exchanged contracts unconditionally in July 2012 for an off-the-plan 2 bed, 2 bath plus 1 car space apartment. This is her second property investment

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Gladstone, Queensland

Rachel is now at the early stages of investing in another property deal, a house and land package, in Gladstone, Queensland which she put down a $5k deposit for.

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