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Let's face it, having financial freedom and an extensive property and development portfolio is all about creating the life you want. Our blog has posts about life, property developments, tips on investment, work in general, travel, shopping, family and the rest. These blogs are from some the CCORP team, we hope you enjoy OUR BLOG!

Most people fail before they succeed

I found the following in one of Pat Mesiti’s books that I want to share with you as most people can relate to this; “If you look at the most successful entrepreneurs, you won’t find that it’s super intelligence, talent, education or resources that sets them apart. In fact most self made millionaires are surprisingly […]

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Always get 3 quotes.

Always get 3 quotes If you are going to build, developer, renovate or re-develop then there is one golden rule that you need to live by: ALWAYS GET 3 QUOTES…for EVERYTHING! On one of my current jobs in Coogee, NSW I have saved more than $47,000 in the last month just by refusing to use […]

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CCORP’s Property Development Boot camp hits the Goldie

4th July, 2011 CCORP hit Queensland over the last weekend to bring its Property Development Boot Camp to the Gold Coast. Our students from all over Australia attended this fantastic weekend fronted by Carly Crutchfield. Carly also invited expert guests, like builders, Architects and Project Marketers to share their expertise with the property enthusiasts in […]

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Nothing will happen if you don’t do something about it.

Its a beautiful sunny Tuesday in Sydney and I am sitting in the office juggling meetings, phone calls, messages, and the usual amount of business craziness… And I just received a great email from my dad. So great, I thought it warranted sharing with you… There is a lot to worry about. If you own […]

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Does size matter?

Does size matter when you are starting out in property development?  The bigger the project the bigger the profit right? Property Development is not easy. Its actually pretty darn tough.  It firstly takes a lot of time and energy to educate yourself on the subject, you then spend hours and hours looking for a site, […]

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Brilliant Tips – Is there Profits in Your Property?

It’s time for stage three of property development and some bloody brilliant tips on financial feasibilities. That’s right, this is where we look at the numbers and start to get excited about the potential profits for our pockets. I have been working on this for the last month and its a pretty chunky section. To […]

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